Back Pain Procedures

Chronic back pain can affect every aspect of your life. Our goal at Spine Centers of America is to help all patients rediscover life free of back pain by providing in-depth information on all treatment options. Our advanced spine surgery center offers minimally invasive endoscopic procedures to traditional open spine surgery.

With any spinal condition it is important to research your physician’s criteria to make sure that you are getting the best possible care.  All of the physicians at our comprehensive spine centers are board certified. Led by founder, Dr. Bryan Massoud, who was among the first in the U.S. to embrace endoscopic spine surgery as the future of the industry and is one of the most experienced endoscopic spine surgeons in the country, we are continually exploring the latest medical developments and breakthroughs and pioneering new techniques for more effective back pain treatment while minimizing patient risk.

In addition to personally overseeing his patient care from initial consultation through post-op, Dr. Massoud instructs orthopedic residents and surgeons in new procedures and endoscopic techniques to enable the broadest range of benefits to patients everywhere.

At Spine Centers of America, we believe that an accurate diagnosis is necessary to successfully relieve chronic back pain, and that once the spinal condition or origin of back pain is accurately diagnosed, an appropriate back pain treatment program can begin.  
We offer a complimentary MRI /CT scan review.

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