Spine Injury May End Football Career for Devon Walker
Tuesday, 09 October 2012 15:23

On September 8, Devon Walker, the senior safety for the Tulane Green Wave football team, suffered a serious spine injury on the field when he collided head-on with a fellow teammate. Players, coaches and spectators watched in silence, as Walker lay motionless on the field, apparently not breathing. Medics from both teams rushed to his aid, and he was taken off the field in an ambulance. Reports came in later that Walker had a spinal fracture, requiring surgery and lengthy in-patient rehabilitation.


Sports Spine Injuries Require Prompt Attention and Right Help

 Walker's injury, which will likely end his football career, could have been much worse. Sports, especially contact sports like football, can be quite dangerous, and the spine is one of the most vulnerable areas. In fact, according to the CDC, a full 12 percent of all spinal cord injuries, the most serious type of spinal injury, occur because of sports. The attention of the medics on the scene played a huge role in his potential recovery. Prompt medical care is essential for all spine injuries. Also, when an athlete is injured, even if it seems minor, the help of a spine center is essential.

Spine Centers of America Offers Comprehensive Treatment Options for Spine Injuries

Whether you are dealing with a spine fracture, herniated, bulging, torn or slipped disc, or the chronic pain of sciatica, Spine Centers of America has the right treatment for you. While we have a full-qualified staff of board certified orthopedic spine surgeons, we will focus on less invasive spine treatments first. Decompression therapy, for instance, may be able to help some disc injuries without the need for surgery. If, on the other hand, you suffer a spinal fracture as damaging as Devon Walker’s, our orthopedic spine surgeons are ready to perform traditional spine surgery if needed.

Do not let a sports related spine injury, even if it seems minor, go untreated. By doing so, you could be setting the stage for a lifetime of physical problems. Visit Spine Centers of America for comprehensive treatment of your injury, so you can get back on the field as quickly as possible. For immediate assistance, call us at 877-722-6008 today.