What is Laser Spine Surgery

Laser Spine Surgery is the perfect alternative to conventional open spinal operations. In this process, a laser is used for the removal of bone spurs so that no injury is caused to the soft tissues in the surrounding area. The use of cutting-edge technology such as nerve monitoring and computerized navigation ensure the surgery is executed in a safe and smooth manner. Unlike traditional spinal surgeries, the patient is not made unconscious. On the contrary, a local anesthesia is done coupled with IV sedation which means the patient remains awake and totally comfortable when the surgery is performed. Moreover, since it involves the use of laser, the need for large incisions can be clearly avoided.

With our laser spine surgery procedure, you do not need to stay in the hospital for a prolonged period. The surgery is completed, in many cases, within an hour and the patient can even return home within hours after the operation.

There are a number of factors that work in favor of Laser Spine Surgery:

  • Minimum blood loss
  • No major scar marks
  • Low infection risk
  • Less intrusive procedure
  • No need for lengthy hospitalization
  • Faster recovery
  • Improved mobility post-surgery

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