Spine Education

Our main goal is to provide all of our patients with comprehensive information about all the spine conditions we treat and what back pain procedures we offer. Throughout the entire patient process at Spine Centers of America, we keep you informed and you always have direct access to your patient coordinator and/or orthopedic surgeon. 

For additional information, feel free to view all of our educational videos, procedure videos, articles, and FAQ's. 

The following explains our patient process:

  1. Contact
    Call of email us today
  2. Review
    Get a free MRI or CT Scan review by a board-certified orthopedic surgeon
  3. Consult
    Explore options with your surgeon
  4. Schedule
    Plan for your procedure
  5. Treatment
    Undergo procedure with spine surgeon
  6. Post-Op
    Follow up with your surgeon

*At surgeon’s discretion, processes may vary.