Spine & Neck Conditions

Our goal at Spine Centers of America is to help all patients rediscover life free of back pain. Chronic back pain can affect every aspect of your life, yet the thought of open back surgery with the pain and extensive recovery time is daunting.  Our advanced spine center offers many treatment options from minimally invasive endoscopic procedures to open spine surgeries. Our team of physicians and medical professionals, led by founder Dr. Bryan Massoud, are continually exploring latest medical developments and breakthroughs and pioneering new techniques for more effective treatments while minimizing patient risk.

An accurate diagnosis is necessary to successfully relieve back pain. Once the origin of pain is accurately diagnosed, an appropriate treatment program can begin.  Starting with an MRI or CT Scan and other tests such as spinal discography or discogram, is the best way to accurately diagnose chronic back pain caused by spinal disc diseases, however they are not effective if back pain is being caused by something other than a spinal disc condition. Spinal probing provides more accurate diagnosis for spine conditions that may be missed in discography, MRI and CT Scan.

Understanding that every patient's case has unique aspects, Spine Centers of America offers an extensive array of treatment solutions designed to quickly help you rediscover life.

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