The Fear of Surgery
Thursday, 02 April 2015 17:42

It's come down to this, the pain won't go away and you've exhausted all other possible options.  The idea of getting surgery makes you quake in fear.  Questions are running through your mind asking every possible question related to the procedure going wrong.  You've heard horror stories and maybe you even know someone who in the past had a botched surgery.  These fears are perfectly understandable; surgery is not a topic all of us are intimately familiar with.  The stories in the news and tales we hear from friends and family don't help calm these fears either.

Most Common Fears

Here are probably some of the fears which have crossed your mind since hearing the news that surgery is your only option. 

  • What if I don't wake up?
  • Could I lose mobility in part of my body?
  • Will there be scars?
  • How long will it take for me to recover

All of these concerns are perfectly understandable, but thanks to medical and technological advances, not truly applicable anymore.  Take for example the laser spine institute in NJ; their innovative spinal surgery essentially eliminates the concerns above.


Medical & Technological Advances

Many surgical procedures are capable of being performed by simply making a minor incision near the area of operation.  Thanks to extremely small cameras and computers doctors are able to use a number of precise tools to perform their procedures.  This means you won't be waking up with large scars that you need to worry about.  Furthermore, because these operations are so minimally invasive your recovery time is often very quick, many are less than a week, sometimes just days.


Building upon the fact that many procedures require such small incisions to be performed today, means that doctors often need to only apply a local anesthesia to the portion of the body being operated on.  This allows you to be awake and in full comfort during the procedure.  Now you can avoid the anxiety of going to sleep. 

The medical knowledge available to doctors today and the assistance of computers has made the chances of mishap infinitely smaller than they were just a couple decades ago.  As a result you are much less likely to lose mobility to any part of your body because of an operation and there should be far less pain afterwards.  This is fantastic for everyone and it means you can go in for a procedure and rest assured that you will come out and still be able to provide for your family afterwards.


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