What to Look for in Laser Spine Surgery in New Jersey
Wednesday, 31 December 2014 17:03

Laser spine surgery is a powerful tool for easing or completely curing back pain, and it has taken off—especially in New Jersey. Many new technologies first took root on the East Coast before spreading elsewhere, and that means there is already a long history of laser spine surgery in NJ, while other parts of the country may only have a few such centers.

Laser spine surgery has many advantages: it is less invasive than traditional back surgery, causing less scaring and presenting less risk of infection. Recovery time is significantly faster with this surgery, and no hospital stay is needed. That means more people are seeking out qualified spinal surgeons, but with so many in NJ to choose from, how do you decide?

Here are some of the things to look for in a professional, expert-level laser spinal clinic: 

image of spine

  • Strong credentials – While many clinics may offer spinal surgery, not all have the same level of training and expertise. Those with the most highly skilled staff members will gladly talk about their credentials. Things to look for include doctors trained at top medical schools, as well as those who have gone through extra training to receive specialist credentials in laser spine surgery. It's also worth asking who exactly will be working on you during surgery: do all personnel have good qualifications, or just the overseeing physician?
  • Experience – Credentials and training are both necessary, but there is no substitute for experience. In general, you want to focus on doctors and clinics that specialize in laser spine surgery treatments, rather than those who are general practitioners. Ask how many years your doctor has been performing laser spine surgery and how many individual procedures they have personally performed.
  • Nerve monitoring – The technology involved can also make a substantial difference in the outcome of any surgery, and not all clinics use cutting-edge technology. Nerve monitoring is a relatively recent development that provides a crucial advantage in any kind of spinal surgery. Since the spine is a central pathway for nerves, monitoring those nerves and their signals allows doctors to avoid doing any unintentional damage.
  • Computer aided navigation – Another cutting-edge technology that really matters is computer navigation for the laser. This allows surgeons to be even more precise in targeting the laser to the right areas, which means a more successful surgery with less scarring and recovery time.

Are you considering laser spine surgery in NJ? What makes you prefer it over traditional surgery? 

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