Back Pain Prevention Techniques Anyone Can Do
Wednesday, 17 December 2014 14:34

back-pain-njDo you suffer from a stiff or achy back throughout the day? Doctors have found that one out of seven people over the age of 25 suffer from some form of pain in their back on a periodic to consistent basis. Thankfully, there are some tried and true methods of reducing the severity and frequency of back pain that practically anyone can attempt. Consider the following stretching and exercising techniques for help avoiding further injury:

The Leg Curl

Lie on your back with your feet planted and knees bending upward. Slowly reach out and grab one knee and, using both your leg and hands, pull it gradually toward your chest. Hold this position for approximately 30 seconds, and then return to the starting position. Repeat this process once with the other leg, then again with both legs. Try to finish around two or three combined sets to help prevent back pain.

The Hip Twist

This exercise begins in the same position as The Leg Curl. Instead of lifting your leg, however, you are going to slowly turn both knees to one side of your body. You should be pivoting your waist to one side until your legs are facing 90 degrees away from your body. Return to the starting position, and then pivot in the other direction. Be sure to move slowly, as abrupt movements may cause more damage than support.

The Spine Flex

This time you will begin by standing on your hands and knees. As slowly as you can, let your abdomen begin to sag down toward the floor between your arms and legs. Once you have it as low as you are comfortable going, bend back to the starting position. Now, arch your back upward as if trying to touch the ceiling. Finally, come back to the starting position again, repeating two to three times.

If you continue to have back pain and live in the NJ area, be sure to contact the experts at Spine Centers of America today. With generations of experience assisting young and old alike with injuries to the spine, you’ll be sure to receive the assistance you need.

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