Is Laser Spine Surgery Right for Me?
Monday, 08 December 2014 22:30

If you suffer from back pain, you may have been told that surgery is your only option. However, not all surgeries are created equal. More and more patients with bone spurs on their spines are discovering that laser spine surgery is the safer, more comfortable alternative to traditional surgery.

Laser spine surgery has a number of advantages:


1.  No major "opening up" of your body. Perhaps the thing that frightens people most about surgery is having their body cut open, and rightly so. Major surgery that "opens up" the body is incredibly intrusive and damaging, and even a person with a strong, healthy, young body will have a hard time recovering. For older or less healthy patients, open surgery can be extremely traumatic. Laser spine surgery avoids all of this. Only small incisions are made, reducing the risks of the procedure.

2.  No injury to soft tissues. Because laser spine surgery is less intrusive, the surgeon is not cutting through important soft tissues like muscles in order to do the operation. The soft tissues surrounding the spine are extremely sensitive and have to support much of the body's weight, as well as control rotation of the torso. That means you may not be able to afford having them cut apart, and laser surgery provides a safer alternative.

3.  No severed nerves. Not all traditional surgeries will damage nerves, but many will. A surgeon knows that certain areas have the highest concentrations of nerves, but there is no way of knowing their exact location in a patient until you cut in. That means that under a scalpel, many patients will wake up with a tingling numbness—which may never fully go away. Laser surgery minimizes cuts and uses nerve-monitoring technology so that you don't end up with severed nerves.

4.  You stay conscious. Laser spine surgery is done with a mix of a local anesthetic and mild sedation, meaning that you are conscious and comfortable for the entire procedure. When you are "put under" for traditional surgery, the heavy drugs heighten the risks involved. Some of these risks are eliminated by keeping you conscious.

5.  Shorter hospital stay. Because the surgery is less intrusive and you remain conscious for the procedure, your hospital visit is reduced substantially. Most patients can go home the same day as their procedure.

6.  Less scarring & faster recovery. With laser spine surgery there is less blood loss, less risk of infection, less damage to the tissues and nerves, and overall less strain on the body. That means that you heal faster and more easily. And with minimal incisions, you'll have very little scarring as well.

Not everyone is a candidate for laser spine surgery and, like all procedures, it does still carry some risks. But if you suffer from back pain, there is a good chance laser spine surgery is your best option for a swift, pain-free recovery.

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