After His Endoscopic Spine Surgery - Bob Golon Gets Back in the Game
Wednesday, 18 May 2011 02:56

Bob Golon, baseball historian and author of "No Minor Accomplishment," is back on his feet and ready to head back to the ballparks for the 2011 season, thanks to endoscopic spine surgery at our spine center in New Jersey.

From a young age, he was predisposed to disc herniation, endured two open back surgeries in his 20s and a lifetime of intermittent back pain.  Due to nerve damage, he used a cane, was unable to stand fully upright, feel his toes or put weight on his ankle.  Then in August 2010, he was struck with unending, unbearable pain from his right hip to his right ankle.

When epidural injection treatments failed, Bob's pain management physicians referred him to Spine Centers of America, which identified significant damage from his spinal conditions and previous surgeries. "I read the description of endoscopic spine surgery and was extremely enthusiastic," Bob noted.  "It just sounded like something that was really 'out of the box' and would be a lot better than the traditional approach that I had already experienced."

He was one of the first to have his surgery with SCA at the new Advanced Spine Surgery Center.  Immediately following the spine surgery, his family noticed his new upright posture.  As the damaged nerves and muscles began to heal over the following weeks, the pain completely disappeared and he regained his mobility.  At his follow-up appointment, when asked how he was feeling, with a huge smile, he danced in the doctor's office -- free from pain.  A few short weeks later, he returned to work and resumed classes for his second master's degree.

He is eagerly anticipating the coming baseball season with his newfound mobility.  Have some peanuts and Cracker Jacks for us, Bob!

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