Why Surgery Shouldn't Be Scary
Wednesday, 27 May 2015 13:51

Surgery is usually not a choice people make quickly or are excited to make.  We have all heard that despite high success rates for a surgery that there is still a chance it doesn't work for us or something goes wrong.  There are also a host of horror stories lurking on the internet and in news media about operations gone wrong.  The hyperbolic reporting of such issues can give the appearance that problems are greater than they really are.  This is a major problem for our society because it scares thousands of people who suffer from daily chronic pain away from a safe and viable solution.

One of the largest groups of people who suffer from injuries but are afraid to seek surgery as a treatment are those with spine issues.  Thanks to improvements in computers and other technology laser spine surgery is not only one of the safest operations available to people, but it is also minimally invasive and leaves little in the way of marks.  A laser spine institute in NJ has completed hundreds of successful operations which have not only alleviated a patient's pain but allowed them to return home within hours after the operation.


Laser Spine Surgery is different from traditional spine surgery because of the minimal incision required to operate the laser and the adeptness with which it can be done.  This leaves patients with a lower infection risk, faster recovery and improved mobility.  Back pain is truly a pervasive problem in our society; it burdens approximately some 31 million Americans at any point in time.  Back pain is one of the most common reasons for people missing work which means it is causing our economy a loss of productivity.  It is the second leading cause for doctor office visits each year.  The amount of time and money spent and lost is staggering, roughly $50 billion each year.

Imagine if we could reduce that number and channel it into something more productive.  There are ways to prevent yourself from becoming one of millions who are suffering from back pain.  Here are some ways to stave off back pain.

#1: Avoid excessive bed rest or inactivity

#2: Maintain a proper weight and keep a healthy diet

#3: Have good posture, something nearly everyone needs to work on

#4: Use your knees to lift

#5: Warm up and stretch every morning, especially when you will be doing physical activities

These tips can help you avoid back pain, but if you're someone who suffers from it already don't be afraid of laser spine surgery.

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