Endoscopic Spine Surgery Workshop Led by Dr. Bryan Massoud in NJ
Thursday, 27 September 2012 13:48

Dr. Massoud Hones Skills in Germany with World’s Top Spine Surgeons

Fair Lawn, NJ -- Bryan J. Massoud, M.D., Spine Centers of America chief surgeon, will host an Endoscopic Spine Surgery workshop, with live endoscopic surgery observation, sponsored by Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corp., September 28-29, 2012, in Union N.J.  Dr. Massoud will provide instruction on two minimally invasive spine surgery procedures: transforaminal endoscopic discectomy, used to treat chronic back pain caused by herniated disc and bulging discs, and endoscopic dorsal ramus rhizotomy, a procedure generally used to treat degenerative disc disease that offers a much less invasive alternative to spinal fusion.

Dr. Massoud, a fellowship trained, board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon and noted endoscopic spine surgery instructor, continues to hone his endoscopic spine surgery skills through study with colleagues who are at the forefront of developing new endoscopic spine surgery techniques and procedures.  In September, Dr. Massoud completed a training course in Herne and Essen, Germany with world-renowned endoscopic spine surgeon Dr. Sebastian Ruetten, of the Center for Spine Surgery and Pain Therapy and Dr. Martin Kamp, Dr. Georgios Godiolias and Dr. Patrick Hahn of the Center for Orthopaedics and Traumatology, St. Anna Hospital.

“Rapid advancements are being made in endoscopic spine surgery because top surgeons host workshops and seminars to share their experiences and the techniques they develop, as well as discuss solutions to the surgical challenges they face,” shared Dr. Massoud, who is one of the most experienced endoscopic spine surgeons in the U.S.  “No matter how experienced a surgeon may be, it is critically important to continue training to improve skills and stay on top of the latest developments.  Ultimately the patients and your practice benefit.”

Dr. Massoud, offers minimally invasive spine surgery training opportunities for surgeons at Spine Centers of America.  Physicians interested in participating may contact seminars@SpineCentersOfAmerica.com or visit www.SpineCentersOfAmerica.com.

Minimally invasive spine surgery procedures, particularly endoscopic techniques, have been proven effective and are quickly becoming the preferred treatment for many patients.  They use smaller incisions, which minimize trauma to surrounding muscles and tissues, resulting in much shorter recovery times than traditional open back surgery procedures.

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About Spine Centers of America: Spine Centers of America’s Board-certified orthopedic spine surgeons provide a "smarter approach," using advanced, proven minimally invasive endoscopic and traditional spine surgery techniques to help people with severe back injuries and conditions quickly return to an active life free of back pain. An early adopter of minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgery, SCA Founder Dr. Bryan Massoud is among the nation’s most experienced spine surgeons performing and teaching endoscopic laser spine procedures.   Visit www.SpineCentersOfAmerica.com

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Julie Shepherd, 815-479-1833, julie@SpineCentersOfAmerica.com

“Rapid advancements are being made in endoscopic spine surgery because top surgeons host workshops and seminars to share their experiences and the techniques they develop, as well as discuss how to address the surgical challenges they face,” stated Spine Centers of America’s Dr. Bryan Massoud.

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